Sometimes I hate being the one who holds his alcohol well.

I turn down giggling suggestions in order to keep the kids company.

Sailor Moon, incidentally, makes no more sense when you are drunk. She still needs to put on a pair of goddamned pants.

I get to put the kids to bed and tell them mom would kiss them goodnight if she were awake.

I get to keep an eye on the fire until it dies down. How romantic.

I lock the doors, each wavering pair of them.

I post half-coherent thoughts. I carefully correct each typo.

I wonder if I can hack a few lines of code tonight because drunk as I am I’m not nearly ready to sleep.

I check my contact list, and see the friends who tried to contact me before they retired at a more sensible hour. Sleep well.

I wallow in self-pity.

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  1. > Sailor Moon, incidentally, makes no more sense
    > when you are drunk

    Hi. Due to having a friend who was obbsessed with it, and a few family members who become obbsessed with it.. I kind of had a really large stint at being obbssed with the show my self.

    Therefore if you ever need someone to explain anything that’s going on… just ask.

    It doesn’t help that the US have a few critical eposodes that are never shown, as there where never translated into english due to being “unsuitable for children”.

    1. Of all the things to pick up on…!

      It all started when I said, “I don’t think the alcohol is working,” and he said, “drink faster.” So, to honor my beloved, I drank faster, and more, against my better judgment. Hence, I had to retire early to “sleep it off.”

      /me sighs

      /me grumbles

  2. Though I have nothing in particular against drinking, I can’t see the point of drinking something that will dull my senses and reflexes, when I’ve spent years training and honing them.

    Also, watching people get drunk always reminds me of what I would look and act like if I followed that path.

    To each his own.

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