Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Write

Are you ready for me?
I am tidal behind dusty curtains
I am inertial to extremes
I am a world unto myself
And you thought I was kidding
And in your heart you make plans
And tonight I bleed
And I will abase in anesthesia
Your qoutas to exceed
And I will draw the drapes
Your heart to decieve
Tonight I am cannoning unhinged
But only give me a glance
I will project
The vacuum of soul consumption
Come on baby
reach reach encompass embrace
I’ve got an event horizon
I’ve got a pale
You will never exceed.

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  1. Is this a poetic expression of the fact you can still “perform” even when inebriated?

    1. ::snort:: Yeah, I guess it does kind of make sense when read in that light… it certainly wasn’t what I had in mind at the time though. But then, my writing is pretty much whatever you see in it, so if that’s what you see, well, I guess we know what’s on your mind 😉

      Incidentally, whoever invented the myth that alcohol dulls the libido was bitter teatotaler.

      1. What’s on my mind?

        Well…you do look good in a dress. ;-P

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