A Manifesto Ad Nauseum

I believe that respect is incomplete without obligation. To have low expectations of someone is to have little repect for them. Consequently, I believe in pairing respect and honor with accountability. I believe this is how a truly civil society is achieved.

It has become fashionable, when friends dissapoint or shirk responsibilites, to pooh-pooh as if “it was nothing”. This is only kind in the very short term. I want to be held accountable to my obligations, just as I want to be honored for fulfilling them.

I believe in the power of service. I believe we all need to be served at times and to serve at times. I believe it is a beautiful act to choose willingly to serve another, as it is to openly recieve from another. Willing service affirms the dignity and importance of another. Perfect equality is for strangers. Friends know the joy of abasement as well as of glorification.

I believe in hospitality, in warm bright windows on a cold night and a welcome that is always extended.

I believe gifts aren’t just for holidays.

I believe that people, both women and men, should be hugged thoroughly and often. I believe that no excuse is needed to hold hands among friends.

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