People say that money isn’t everything, can’t buy you happiness, etc.
It all seems quite true in the abstract.
But when all that stands between a beloved pet and 2-3 more years of healthy life is a thousand dollars or so, it becomes less academic.
And when you’re the one that has to nix those few years of life in front of your wife and children for lack of that paltry sum, you realize…

Sometimes money really does buy happiness.

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  1. *hug*
    Stacey told me a bit about that. Losing a pet is always tough. 🙁

    1. Although, the possibility of saving the pet’s life for about half as much with the option of making payments is available.

      However, Avdi, in light of this new information, remains unmovable.

    1. My point exactly.

  2. I could never understand why people would be willing to prolong the suffering of an animal because they would miss it.

    I love my kitties to death, but if they were suffering and their lives were drawing to a close, I’d let them go and wish them well, and be grateful for the time and love I had with them.

    1. It’s not about prolonging her suffering. If I thought there really wasn’t anything that could be done, I’d be fine. But given the info that our local vet can do the procedure, will if asked, and take payments rather than an up-front sum, I think I’d like to give my puppy a new lease on life! An extension! A happy ending.

      But, hey! What do I know? I’m only the one who adopted her in the first place.

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