I forgot a few

I don’t know how I could have left these out…

“Billary”, “Shrub” – if you want me to place your mental maturity at no more than eight years, by all means use terms like these to refer to people you disagree with. The same goes for accompanying all references to people like Michael Moore with commentary on how fat they are. I may read your piece for humor value, but that’s it.
Delusions of Persecution
“I’m risking my neck to tell you what They don’t want you to hear” – uh huh. Sure. That must be the jack-booted thugs of the S.S. I hear on the landing now, come to take you away to the reeducation camp. Seriously, unless you live somewhere like North Korea or Cuba, the martyr routine just makes you look silly. Especially if you’re a movie or TV star.
Confusing Dissent with Censorship
If a group of people are telling you to shut up, it’s not censorship. Neither is the fact that nobody wants to hear what you have to say. Attempting to convince me otherwise will only succeed in confirming to me what a self-important moron you are.
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  1. Name-Calling

    You boobie (notice the thinly veiled reference to a woman’s breast)!

    Delusions of Persecution

    Well, I was warned, but you are a good friend, so…

    Confusing Dissent with Censorship

    What if people want me to shut up AND they don’t want to hear what I have to say? Ever think of that, huh, huh?

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