Meme, Anyone?

OK, let’s try this… inspired by others I’ve seen, but a little different.

Recommend to me:

  1. A periodical I should subscribe to
  2. A web-comic I should be reading
  3. A cocktail I should try
  4. A mailing-list (not LJ community) I should subscribe to
  5. A store (either web or mail-order) I should shop at
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  1. 5. Dark Angel (I think). It’s out of the UK…catalog has lots o’ cool stuff…

  2. 1. Mother Jones (I don’t even know if it’s still around, but I used to get it in college).


    3. Blue Hawaiian

    4. Why, New England Darksidewalkers, of course 🙂


    1. 1. Yeah, I read them occasionally online. They advertise in Reason, of all places

      2. Oddly enough, I just got back into reading Sinfest. Great comic!

      4. Do I really count as a New Englander?

      1. re: #4 – Well, I keep hearing these rumors that you might eventually end up here…

    2. #3 – Blue Hawaiian .. tell me what’s in it and I’ll make it for him. If it’s sweet, he probably won’t like it. There is the chance he may, though. But if it’s too sweet I might end up drinking it. 😉

      1. I’m not sure of all the components, but two of them are Blue Curacao and Pineapple Juice.

      2. 30 ml white rum, blue curaçao, 20 ml coconut cream
        add pineapple juice

        i want one too

        1. Oh, yum! That sounds like a “Stacey Drink”.

          BTW, if you drink Vodka & Tonics, use a twist of lemon and toss in a splash of grenadine. To date I’ve not found a name for this drink, but it is oh-so-good! Call it Stacey’s Delight, I guess. ;-P

  3. 1) Reason or Liberty
    3) Screaming Nazi (jagermeister and rumplemintz), addd Goldschlager to make it a Dead Hitler

    1. Reason I already have a subscription to; where do I find Liberty?

        1. There’s also a quarterly by Cato called Regulation that is pretty good (Penn, of “Penn & Teller” and the show “Bullshit,” always writes an article at the end of the magazine which is pretty funny). There is also an essay quarterly called The Independent Review that is good, but hefty.


  4. 1. resistzine
    2. uhh.. homestah
    3. long beach : 1 oz. vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec,
    2 oz. cranberry, chilled or onrox
    4. lyricsfinder
    5. c r i m e t h i n c

  5. My list

    1. I’d recommend Intelligent Enterprise There is always something interesting to read about in it that bends the edges of what I thought of doing with code and data. Plus, it’s free.

    2. I don’t read web comics. Sadly enough, my life is already comical enough without them.

    3. Cocktails? Oh, those things with little paper umbrellas on top, yeah. 😉 How about a Hurricane? Or, you can try my version of a “cocktail”: A Black and Tan.

    4. Mailing list? Does anyone actually need more email? I like this newsletter though,; it often leads to some interesting things.

    5. Shop at I’d buy the Renaissance Celestial Armillary ( and meditate on it’s varying meanings as I imagine different items at the center of it.

    1. Re: My list

      5: Wow. That’s a beautiful piece. I’m committing the sin of covetousness right now.

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