Monday came late this week

Woke up late this morning. I wanted to get home early (aka by 6PM) this evening so rushed to get out the door. No breakfast, no coffee until I was in the car. Took me an hour to get to work because of rush hour traffic. Got to work, realized I’d forgotten my badge. Got to my desk, found out that some software I wrote is apparently failing rather badly and (presumably) holding up production. This software is like a fucking ghost, it’s never going to stop coming back to haunt me.

As if I didn’t already have too much to do and to little time to do it.

As if I wasn’t already depresed today.

So there you go. Today has actually dragged a stereotypical whiny LJ post out of me. It’s that bad.

I don’t want a vacation, I want a whole new life. One where I write software I can be proud of and have tangible friends and time to improve my crappy photography. And time to learn to play the piano. And time to go to college.

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  1. Well, it started last night you realize.

    That’s it! I’m getting you some chocolate glazed doughnuts with sprinkles!

    1. BTW

      I love you, angel!

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