if I could reach out I would
encircle you in sympathy
cloak you in protection
wrap you in comfort
but I am like incense smoke
I could wreathe you
surround you in loving curls
that whirl and break apart
when you reach out
and you know how we circle
snapping like feral dogs
I am still dancing
to an unforgiving drummer
somewhere just outside
the straining corners of my eyes
what were you saying?
can I return your love
once I am truly here?
but I love you I love you
and sometimes we sway as one
come to me I will call though
I have not the words
I cling to this vision:
the world arrayed below
our fingers entwined
we ascend
And where we go
Heaven follows

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  1. that’s beautiful


  2. Wow, I really like that one. A LOT. You must have plugged the vaccuum into your brain at just the right time for this.

  3. This should be set to music. It sounds to me like Joy Division. (Man I love Joy Division. What a name for a Goth band.)

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