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  1. You’ll make it..

    As you already know, I’m sure…
    if life didn’t feel untenable at times.. you would not be living it fully enough..
    you would not be a romantic, to say the least… 🙂

    So embrace the stress..
    dominate it..
    become Nietzsche for a day.. or at least Nietzsche-esque… 🙂

    Good luck.. we all need it..

    1. Re: You’ll make it..

      Thanks… guess I should get around to reading Nietzsche one of these days.

  2. You just need to get laid.

    Or, maybe a change of scenery?

    1. Do you give everyone the same advise?

      1. Only when it fits!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. All anyone can say is, it usually gets better. Sometimes it helps to pay attention to something else for a while, even if only half an hour or so, like something dumb on the TV or so. And to know if you need to talk to someone or need to be alone.

    I think the change of seasons affects a lot of people that way too. I heard it was a bitch of a winter out East and now spring is coming, there’s spring fever in the air…which sometimes manifests as the blahs.

    Like the fella said, Lent can help us through that. A time to feel our separateness from God, all that God is and we are not, and be basically OK with it. It isn’t perfect but it will have to do and with Christ and YHVH’s help, we can accept it.

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