Somehow I’m not Very Surprised

“Relationship Guru” John Gray’s (he of “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus”) credentials are… questionable, to say the least. To say any more could get me sued. More here. Apparently, he’s also been divorced at least once, and his first wife was one Barbara DeAngelis, another “relationship guru” with similar credentials who’s been married five times. Physician, heal thyself?

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  1. Well, the national average for “shrinks” (psychologists/psychiatrists/psychotherapists) re: divorce rates is in the 80-something percentile. Guess it must be a stressful job!

  2. Y’know, the whole thing doesn’t surprise me that much, but the one thing that chafes my brain is his comment “I’m the most famous author in the world.”

    I hate it when people claim that.

    Oh, well. I suppose the important point in the article was that he was possibly a fraud, and that’s what we should concentrate on, but *growl*

    1. It reminded me of last night’s episode of “The Practice”. William Shatner played “Danny Crane”, a lawyer with an over-the-top cult of personality. “I’m Danny Crane, dammit! I have so much power in my mere presence, sometimes I don’t even need to *speak*!”. He begins and ends his statements with “Danny Crane”… all the lawyers at his firm speak of him reverentially (“wait till you see him in court… he’s Danny Crane!”). It’s hilarious…

      1. Actually, it reminded me of the first time I ran across a copy of SiaSL. The cover said “The most famous Science Fiction book of all time!”. I’d never heard of it at this point, and I was 24.

        1. Offtopic: I got your message on Yahoo messenger, but it’s being flakey as usual. I’m AvdiG on AIM, and 3641814 on ICQ if you want to try those methods.

          1. I just added you. šŸ˜›

      2. …I thought it was “Denny Crane,” short for “Dennis.”

        1. OK. I couldn’t tell if it was Danny or Denny.

  3. Advice columnists always have the worst track record when it comes to their own relationships.

  4. Well, they are certainly qualified to talk about divorce.

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