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Life of Brian will be re-released on Good Friday. Follow the shoe!


It’s the 25th anniversary of the first programming language I ever learned – REXX. I don’t remember a thing about it. But I taught myself REXX so I could code text adventure games on my OS/2 PC. I think every budding hacker first learns to code in order to write games. Then some of us decide that solving real life problems is the greatest game of all…


I’m reading…

What are you reading?

About “Guide to Getting it On” – this book came highly recommended by various sex-ed sites. While it’s probably less stuffy than other sex books (I can’t say I’ve read any others all the way through), it’s incredibly haphazard and doesn’t appear to have received the attentions of an editor. The author makes frequent reference to “we here at Goofy Foot Press”, but the book comes off as nothing so much as one aging hippie’s observations on sex, jotted down more or less as he thought of them, and then arranged into loosely coherent chapters. From what I’ve seen there’s some genuinely good information once the book gets into the nitty-gritty; but the author spends far too much time making generalized and unsubstantiated statements about societal attitudes towards sex. If this is as good as sex books get, I’m disappointed.

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  1. Never seen a sex book that taught anything that most folks couldn’t figure out for themselves with good communication.

    But then again, maybe I’m the clueless knob that needs to read the sex books…..hmmmm.

    All I know for sure is to *not* apply lessons learned from Porno to real life….

    1. *nod* There are a lot of “well, duh” moments. On the other hand, there’s an amazing amount of sexual ignorance out there.

      I think books on sex are useful as collections of ideas you might not have thought of, and as aids to conversation. and I have had some good conversations that started with reading and then one of us asking “what do you think about that?”. They’re also useful for broaching subjects you might not have the guts to bring up on your own, and for answers to practical questions like “what special precautions should I take when rimming?”. Although there are websites for that kind of information as well. The trick is finding the ones that don’t pop up a dozen windows advertising barely-legal shemale asian schoolgirl barnyard grannies.

      1. Oh you found my website šŸ™‚

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