I Hate You Livejournal

I just finished a lengthy, emotional post about relationships. And Livejournal and my browser ate it.


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  1. *snicker* Welcome to LJ. 😉

  2. i hate that, I know type them in editpad/notepad then post them…

    never have a problem, however, every time i DON’T do that…browser eats it.

    it goes like this…


    “oh shoot I forgot to save a copy of that long ass post before I posted it…ah…shouldn’t be a problem”

    *404 Error: Page not found!*


  3. Been there, done that, have the mangled mouse to prove it….

  4. I await the rewrite with much anticipation.

  5. “I devoured him”

    Hard lessons learned..

    Always, always save a lengthy post on a word processor(notepad, Word etc) first..

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