Last night at Ascension felt strangely incomplete. Maybe it was the absence of avivahg at my side. Maybe it was the fact that I’d hoped to have more time to talk to protea. Maybe it was that I didn’t get to dance to the degree that I’d looked forward to, owing to the style of music being played. I felt like a sinner denied absolution.

On the up side, I received a number of really splendid hugs last night. A hug well-executed is a beautiful thing; the world would be a happier place if there were more of them going around. I think I’ve been giving off hug-me vibes for the past few weeks – I don’t know how, but I hope it keeps up. I can never really have enough hugs. Thanks!

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  1. Oh, you have a hug coming next time I see you 🙂

    1. Yay! Me too? Me too?

      1. Well, of course 🙂

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