Happy Passover, everyone.

We had my mom over for the first Seder last night. The food was delectable, the wine flowed freely, and a good time was had by all. I’ll post pictures, including (if you’re good) some hot and heavy food pr0n, when I get a chance.

Tonight I went with Stacey to my first ever community Seder at the Reform synagogue in York. Interesting experience. I experienced the usual mixed feelings on entering the schul. In recent years I’ve come more and more to appreciate my heritage, but when find myself once again surrounded with flabby well-dressed wealthy people the old attitudes come back and I have to fight to stay objective. Growing up, Judaism seemed to me to be one big status club, where rich (or wannabe-rich) snobs came to subtly flaunt their accomplishments and the accomplishments of their progeny as doctors or lawyers or television executives. Even tonight the peacocks were parading – like the nice lady next to us who, as her first act on arriving, made sure that everyone at the table knew that it was her Matzah-cover and Seder plate at the table and that they came from ISREAL!

She turned out to be relatively nice though, as did the other people seated at our table. It was still a good evening. We left early. Being in the middle of a crowd of 200 people was really getting to me. We got home in time to watch half of NCIS while enjoying desert and Sabra (chocolate-orange liquer).

Now I’m in a crappy mood, but it has nothing to do with any of the above.

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  1. happy passover.
    i’m going to a celebration tomorrow night.

  2. Sabra=chocolate-orange liquer? I ask only because my mentor teacher during my student teaching was named Sabra and it strikes me as amusing.

    1. A variety of lewd remarks suggest themselves…

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