Just One Small Note

No matter who she’s talking to, Condi Rice always looks like she’s thinking “I’m going to rip your heart out and use it for croquet ball, you smug little toad“.

Also, Richard Ben-Veniste is a smug little toad.

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  1. Veniste is a toad. His hair, I think, is plotting to take over the world.

    And I actually think Condi’s pretty.

  2. someone at work said she’s going to get wrinkles by looking that way all the time. But I looked closer at her, and I think her bone structure is just set in that position….?

    1. I agree. I don’t envy her husband though (is she married?). I’d be apologizing reflexively every time she walked in the door.

  3. I personally think she’s got to have a) a heart of gold and b) a heart of stone…

    To get to that position you’ve got to be tough as nails…and have a good natured side. But I think she acts in a strictly professional manner when dealing with public issues.

    If she was a lawyer…she’d be terrifying!

  4. CR needs to play Dolores Umbridge in HP5

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