I am increasingly of the opinion that the Coen brothers are proof of the existance of a loving God, albeit one with a grotesques sense of humor. I say this upon seeing The Ladykillers last night. Go see it, it’s worth whatever nonvital organs your local MaxiMegaMoviePlanet is demanding in exchange for admission.

I’ve got the house to myself today, as avivahg is out visiting a friend. Gonna have myself a Guy Day today, yep, gonna get myself some Budweiser and wings, make myself some deep-fried steak wrapped in bacon with cheddar and sour cream on top, invite all my college buds over, and watch football, Arnie movies, and pornos all afternoon… Or I’ll do housework and pay bills and maybe take a walk. Yeah, that sounds like a better idea šŸ™‚

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