I Want Pants, Dammit!

And now, a message for alternative boutiques and trendy “vintage” clothing stores:

Men wear clothes too, asshats!

Summary of this afternoon:

“Can I help you find anything? Menswear? Yes, we have a section, follow me. Right this way, down the hall, behind the restroom. That’s right, the milk crate in the closet. Just move those paint cans off the top. Let me know if you need any more help!”


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  1. At least he offered to move the cans.

  2. I fucking hear you..

    How come, when I go looking for clothes, I have the choice between black t-shirts and black rock-a-billy shirts with collars.

    Oh.. and fat pants..


    That’s why most of my clothes are litterally disintegrating on me…
    I have one pair of pleather shorts–which used to be pleather pants until I decided that was just too damn hot (heat wise, that is..) and they have 3 or 4 big gaping holes in them..
    there are not any shops in madison that carry men’s pleather pants anymore..
    not even gothic walmart…


    all of these alternative clothes manufacturers are going to be some of the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes if I have anything to say about it…

  3. yeah… and it didn’t help when Gadzooks decided to go totally female. I used by buy Scott clothes there all the time. Not that they had pvc or leather pants or anything really gothy, but they carried some cool shirts and jackets and some decent pants every once in awhile. But then again…. Avdi and I were just talking about this on ICQ…… no place carries actual clubwear for either gender.

  4. My sympathies. The fashion industry really needs to make stronger efforts to be inclusive of the male gender…

    And not just to make Sarah happy!

  5. People always swarm to help women in a clothing store, but guys are always on their own! I always get the finger pointing, and the comment “I think what you’re looking for is over there” crap.
    Geez, would it kill the person to just once walk my ass over to the area they were pointing to and show me what the f*ck they have, and in my size!
    (I feel better now!)

  6. ass*hat*? What is an asshat? I’ve not heard that expression used before. I nearly choked on my drink when I read that.

    (You are right, though, about men’s clothing. Nothing decent where I live either… you dress either preppy, jeans, or mall-core crap.)

  7. I’ve heard of an “Ass-Gasket” but not an “Ass-Hat!”

    Websters defines “Ass-Gasket” as a paper sanitary protective covering used in public restrooms.

    The Library of Congress suggests these fine books:

    “Covering Your Ass!” by Condoleezza Rice
    “One Sized Ass-Gasket Does Not Fit All” by Jennifer Lopez
    and Shirley Manson’s “99 Ways to Decorate Your Poop-Shoot!”

    Read more about it.

  8. what, no “assbag”?

    that one was alwayss my favorite, even though it means pretty much… nothing.

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