My Weekend

Summary, by objective:

1. Bought a pair of pants with all kinds of dangly straps (NOT bondage pants), and a vinyl (I think) skirt that was on clearence. It has gobs of hardware attached to it; not sure how I feel about that. From now on I’m buying online; when I go shopping IRL I wind up getting things out of desperation, that really aren’t in tune with the style[s] I’m shooting for.

2. Didn’t really meet anyone new, but met up with an old acquaintance that I made back when I was helping run a coffee house in Westminster.

3. Danced a lot.

Also took a short but strenous hike at Rocky Ridge county park. Poor avivahg was still breaking in her new hiking boots and got some monster blisters. I bound them up as well as I could this morning with molefoam to keep the pressure off and gauze to protect. Hopefully the bandages lasted the day intact.

Satruday night at Elektroschock was good, but not as good as last time. I felt strangely self-conscious while dancing, and had a harder time then usual losing myself in the music. I was feeling very shy too. I wanted to tell this one girl how beautiful she was dancing, but never got up the nerve.

*sigh* It doesn’t matter how much I talk about wanting to meet people; the fact remains I’m still painfully shy. When I go out I still freeze up and sit in silence. If you ever see me sitting in a corner looking awkward (come to think of it, I don’t know if I look awkward when I feel awkward), well anyway if you see me sitting in a corner watching the crowd, I’m probably not being deliberately antisocial. Come talk to me, introduce me to your friends… I like people, I just don’t know how to meet them.

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  1. Sorry I missed you there.

    I tried to get in contac with Jim(and about seven others), but no dice, and didn’t want to go alone.

    See you next month, though, hopefully..

    1. I would have been totally up for saturday evening except that I was out of the state back in milwaukee and didn’t get your message until after I had gotten home. But there is always next month.

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