…Same as the Old Boss

OK, here’s what I can’t stand about Kerry: he reminds me of George Bush. Seriously. They are both pure-bred bluebloods from the American political aristocracy, groomed from birth to hold high office and told that it is their duty, nay, their right to eventually hold that office. They are both mealy-mouthed, waffling, posturing boobs. They both sound utterly insincere whenever they say anything more weighty than “pass the ketchup”. Kerry’s only advatange is that he’s a better speaker. They both have held whatever positions would get them elected, and changed those positions as needed to garner more votes. They both have done little of political signifigance before entering the white house. They both do stupid publicity photo-ops for their respective constituencies.

I just read the story about how despite proposing to raise taxes for those who make more than $200,000, Kerry has never opted to pay the optional higher 5.85% tax in Massachusetts. This fits right in with the picture that has been emerging of the man – a guy who is married to one of the richest women in the world, gets $100 hair cuts, pushes his way to the head of lines while shopping, and yet claims to speak for the “common man”. In other words, just another George W. Bush. Just another hypocritical wealthy career politician who’s only interest is making it to as prestigious an office as possible before he retires.

This is why I’ve long felt that the current liberal line of “Anyone but Bush in ’04” is the stupidest political strategy I’ve ever heard in my life. Well, if they win they are going to get someone who technically isn’t Bush – except in everything but name. But they’ll be happy because at least all of his double-dealing, interest-group-kowtowing, pandering, and campaign-promise-breaking will be couched in terms which make liberals feel warm and fuzzy and like they somehow are getting shafted more agreeably than before.

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  1. my thoughts…

    Please….Kerry is the waffle, Bush is a flapjack…there is a difference! (don’t ask me what it is – i don’t know)

    And honestly, I don’t think GWB would push to the front of the line (I could be wrong…but he’s got a stronger southern influence).

    Now, I will gripe about excessive spending…that is his big flapjack IMHO.

    1. Re: my thoughts…

      Oh, I could draw out all kinds of little differences between them, but that would defeat the point of making a gross generalization 😉

      1. Re: my thoughts…


        in that case they’re both POLITICIANS…what more need to be said…

        Poly = multiple
        Ticks = blood sucking insects

        Politics = multiple blood sucking insects

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