I Am Jack’s Insulted Intelligence

So I’m in 6 Sigma training all day. What does that mean? It means for eight hours I get to be lectured on how I can work better by identifying problems, coming up with a plan to adress the problems, and measuring the results of the solution. Wholda thunk, right? Up till now I’ve just been doing completely random activities for no reason all day.

We get a little red card if we add something special to the class. So far, everyone’s been given one red card. I’d feel like I was in kindergarten, except I never went to kindergarten. Until now.

Ugh. Break’s over. God help me.

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  1. Oh yeah? Well I got 7 sigma!!!

    I believe 6 sigma is a standard level of quality as recognized in business. Didn’t add a thing in my previous job, unless that’s why my manager decided to fire me. (which is complete BS!) My guess is that it’s just so you get a piece of paper that says you’re better than everyone else.

  2. Ha! That’s awesome! I’m sorry I’m laughing at your expense……. what do you get for your little red cards? They should let you trade them for some sort of prize ……… tokens for the pop machine or something….. heeheehee

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