Burgundy Years

Today, noontime, whizzing through Pennsylvania hills with Joy Electric blasting out of the speakers, smiling like an idiot, I wondered: how can something so simple as a spring day at the start of a weekend, a country road, and a familiar song fill me with a feeling that can only be described as Joy? Is this what it’s like to be normal? To inhale and rejoice at the smell of the air, the feeling of my body and the wind in my hair, the sight of the road ahead? Is happiness really so simply achieved? Aren’t I supposed to spend years in hard-driven striving and expensive therapy before discovering that it’s the little things that bring contentment?

I’ve not gone all perkygoff. I still mope as hard as ever. Harder, perhaps. I feel, that’s what’s so different. Is this what it’s like to be alive? Do you feel this much? Is being intoxicated with life more than just a silly meaningless phrase?

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  1. I’m just coming out of a really severe depression and I’m finally experiencing joy again. Spring days, good friends, and great music always do it to me.

    Happiness can’t be found. If you look for it, I guarantee that you won’t be able to find it anywhere. The only way to be happy is to just experience.

    So I’m a neo-hippie. I’ve been too damn dark for too damn long. I deserve to be happy. ^_^

    1. Damn dirty hippies! 😉

      I’ve been feeling pretty integrated lately – hippie, goth, geek, family man, prettyboi; it’s all one in me. I am Avdi, and these days that feels pretty damn good 🙂 Every facet has it’s time for expression.

  2. I have found that the big things such as money and possessions don’t bring me real happiness. It’s great for a while but that while goes away. Things that make me happy are things that can be repeated generally speaking. Like going for a walk in the woods, sharing coffee and conversation with friends and in somecases just making it through a day and looking forward to getting up the next day to see what it will bring. What’s even better is sharing that happiness with others so share on brotha.

  3. Don’t forget to write me w/your address! :):)

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