Time is Running Out!

Get your very own Avdi-for-a-day! Act now, before it’s too late!

Remember folks, I’m facing the prospect of abject boredom here. I could be sitting at home, alone, refreshing livejournal and chatting all day tomorrow. Do you really want to be responsible for that? I didn’t think so.

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  1. What about tomorrow evening? I am heading out to Taboo tomorrow evening and maybe if you have some time to kill we could meet up? I am taking public transport myself so I would’nt be able to offer transportation…=)

    1. Technically, I’ll have wheels. It’s just that it’s Stacey’s car and I still haven’t re-acclimated to driving a stick. Guess that’s all the more reason to practice…

      I might get up the nerve to go so far as the Light Rail station in Hunt Valley. I wonder how late the Light Rail runs?

      1. Bleh. Light rail only runs till 12:30 AM.

      2. Yes, apparently the MTA believes that people do not stay up later than 12:30… *rolls eyes*

        I am sure you could aquire a ride home with someone since alot of people live north of Baltimore but it would depend on the people you know I guess…

        1. Looks like I’ve found a willing kidnapper, who’s going to be taking me down to Chiaro-whatsit in DC. I really appreciate your offer though, and I look forward to seeing you soon (at Ascension if not before) 🙂

          1. Cool! You should have a pretty good time at ChiarOscura! Have fun and see you soon! =)

          2. Awesome. I suggested that to Jim. I hope that was him, and that we’re generally good to go..

          3. Heh.. apparently that isn’t Jim. Anyway, I’ll see you there.

  2. I wish I were close enough to kidnap you. Although, I’d have to do it the right way…. duct tape, blindfold, gag. Wheee! What fun!

    1. Ha. Yes… that is fun… we did that to some people in one of my old church youth groups. Most amusing…

      At any rate, I don’t recall seeing you (Avdi) on AIM when I finally took a good look at my computer at around 2:30 pm, so apparently he found somewhere to go…

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