Fairy Festival!

I can’t believe I almost missed this again: the Fairy Festival is this weekend!!! I know where I’m gonna be Sunday!

Anyone else going to this?

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  1. Huzzah! I think Lily would have had our hides if we’d missed it again.

  2. That…is….awesome….

  3. I thought about going but I more than likely will miss it once again…I have only been there once and that was back in 96 I believe…

    1. You know, if you snub the fairy-folk too many years in a row, they start stealing your socks… 😉

      1. Ha! They always steal my socks! Even when I went! Damn faeries and their sock fetishes!

  4. I’m going, I’m going. It will be much fun. Did you guys know that there’s going to be an Irish festival june the 19th and the Amish farmers market?

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