The Obesity Racket

no one ever went broke selling a new pseudovirtue based on abstinence or bodily purity to Americans

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  1. Man I guess they’ve never been to WI….

    1. Throw Down!

      What is *that* supposed to mean?

      1. Re: Throw Down!

        Well I have to admit that the majority of people i grew up with, went to school with and family, weighed a bit more than average. Even at my heaviest at 150 lbs, I was looked at as far too thin and girls wanted nothing to do with me because of such. And that’s all i gotta say about that. Want a chocolate?

        1. Re: Throw Down!

          Well, WI is much colder than a lot of states…

  2. Americans are fat.

    I have been outside of the US, and noticed that you had to *look* for pudgy people, sometimes not being able to find one in a crowd.
    Upon coming home, I found it the exact opposite here: I had to *look* for the non-pudgy people.
    Oh, and Nixer, I flew into OHare, which is in Chicago Il….so it wasn’t just a WI. thing. :>)

    1. Re: Americans are fat.

      There’s something to be said for after a hard summer’s day of deep fried cheese curds, funnel cakes and a leinie’s mmmmmm man I could go for a honey weiss right now.

      1. Re: Americans are fat.

        I should be getting to know you better.
        I love leinies honey Weiss and berry weiss.
        Are you from Wisconsin, or still here? I get the impression you live close to Avdi.

        1. Re: Americans are fat.

          I’m originally from WI and moved out to MD. I told Avdi and Stacey that when they go to madtown next they have to go to the Nitty Gritty for me and have deep fried cheese curds and a leinie’s.

  3. logical flaws…

    I don’t know anything about the book.. not having read it, but the guy’s discussion of it seems to be filled with a number of logical flaws…
    1) Claiming that anything that says 2/3’s of americans are overweight must obviously be statistically wrong.—um.. I seem to remember that there are humans in countries OTHER than the US where they might be able to compare Americans to.. why should Americans be considerd the standard???

    2) Claiming that obesity doesn’t cost tax payers money, because having people die faster (from obesity, I assume) means that less money is spent on government funding the search for medical benefits… —

    Um, this point might hold value if obesity killed people like Ebola does–short and quick.. but instead, the effects of obesity–which can be shown statistically to cause diabetes, heart failure, and a bunch of other LONG TERM AND EXPENSIVE ILLNESSES–do cost a lot of money..
    And this effect is not just something that effects “public” health care–private insurance rates are affected just as well…

    On the other hand.. the points about the BMI–a totally flawed measure of obesity–are well taken… BMI only compares mass to height.. so a well built body builder and an overweight fat fuck can have exactly the same BMI–which might be considered “overweight” conmpared to some skinny person of the same height…

    Instead of using BMI–using body fat indexes–and just fucking lookin garound can show you that there is a problem with fat here in the US.. (but also in other places like the far east and in parts of western Europe…)

    1. Re: logical flaws…

      There were definitely logical flaws in the article, but I liked the quote. I also thought that the portrayal of weight snobbery as the new socially acceptable elitism was bang-on.

  4. I think the whole thing is bullshit, and I’ll tell you why.

    When I was a child I was mocked for being overweight. Now I look around and see kids MUCH fatter than I was (I’ve even looked at pictures) all over the place. Lots of them. There were three fat kids in my school. Now I see 3-5 in classes of every grade.

    And here’s the kicker.

    We know that being fat can be genetic, it can have other factors, but when so much of your population is fat and getting fatter, its not genetics. Its being a lazy, over-eating, non-health-conscious pig. And for the record? That very much includes myself.

    Now if people want to choose to live like that, that’s their business. But I absolutely do NOT support any effort to condone it.

    Heart attacks are up. The incidence and development of diabetes has skyrocketed. Stroke. Muscle and ligament stress. All of these are directly related to weight gain, and all of them have skyrocketed in this country.

    Being fat is dangerous. It does destroy your life. And while I loathe the Hollywood-created idea that you have to be an utter stick to be sexy or healthy, most people I know could easily drop 10-20 lbs, and probably should.

    As for me, I need to drop 50, and it bothers me that I have not. So lest you read this personally, keep in mind, I’m everything at the moment that I’m railing against.

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