Closing Down

More than anything else
I want to cut
And then float out
Eyes wide
Somewhere deep inside
Into a white noise sea

But I will be good.
I am always good.
Even when I can’t walk straight
Or form words properly
I follow the rules
Self control
She is a bitch.


Avdi’s going away for awhile. Maybe somewhere safe, maybe just somewhere cold. He’ll be back, he always is. Try back later.


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  1. I will miss him…

  2. I hope everything is ok…Contact me if you want to talk…


  3. Well, poo. Now that I finally made it over here…
    I guess I’ll concentrate on getting to know the “old” Avdi. (I would like to meet you too, . Can’t wait.)

    *Offers a virtual hug to both*


    [“Big sis” to , and heart-bound to ]

  4. ::hug:: Come back to us when it’s time.

  5. Please don’t go away.
    Let your friends comfort you in your time of need.
    I realize I’m only an LJ friend, but I really like what you have to
    If you do have to go away, please don’t be gone long.

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