Tonight: Ascension. Met a few new people, enjoyed seeing netherswandust and cold_mercy, danced to some bittersweet place far beyond exhaustion. Goodnight.

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  1. sorry to have missed the chance to meet you guys this time, my regular spot was being used for band eq and i was feeling even more antisocial than normal anyways. i hope you both had a great time and i look forward to meeting you two another fine evening 🙂

    1. Were you there? If so, were you perched on the “steps” between the bar and the bathrooms in the earlier part of the evening?

      1. i was there, mostly dancing trying to begin the process of summoning back a groove with 6 months of dust on it, though i did pop by that area a few times to see alisha (dj chewka’s girlfriend) and avoid certain uncouth gentlemen sorely in need of instructions on the basics of being around females that i have neither the time nor the energy to school. if you saw a tall brunette with short hair there talking to a short brunette with long hair, i was the latter.

  2. awww you met Kele-de.. she is a sweetie.

    1. Yes she is 🙂 This wasn’t our first meeting, but it’s always nice to see her.

  3. Hey, if you guys aren’t busy tonight stop by the coffee shop, my sister and I are going to sing for open mic night.

    1. That should be interesting! :-p

      You mean, J.J.’s, right? Of course you do.

      1. I do of course. 🙂

    2. That sounds like fun!

  4. I know this sounds lame, but I totally feel left out!
    (Damned geography!)

    1. Sowwy. I shoulda had a coffee for ya!

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