In Fantasy News…

Edward Roivas finally rid the lost city of En’Gha of the foul infestation of the Guardians. I am inordinately proud of this fact, even if it did result in the loss of something he was rather attached to, namely his head, some years later. To the uncouth denizens of this accursed house: I got me a boom-stick and a spell book of unholy whoop-ass, and I am NOT happy about the mess you left in the library.

Ironic, how engrossing a game can be in which the characters almost invariably die horribly even when they succeed in their quest.

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  1. Re: we hates the roivas family… yes hates them we does…

    And I thought all that chanting had something to do with “Zantac,” and “call Santa.”

    1. I remember now…

      It sounds like “Santa’s got a hard-on.”

  2. Eat hot thaumaturgy!!!

    (::cough::..umm sorry, ghost of a long departed character)

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