Mom’s Day Recap

Imagine, if you will: a sunny, breezy day. 70’s. A winery nestled amongst rolling Maryland hills. An open-air deck, the backdrop a vineyard spread out across a steep, sunbeaten hillside. Birds singing and flitting amongst the nearby trees. Brunch, consisting of five different varieties of smoked salmon*, bagels and cream cheese, english muffins, pastries, omelettes made-to-order, fried potatoes, canadian bacon, ham, and, of course, wine (a lovely riesling). Followed by a tour of the winery, a drive home through the countryside, and an afternoon of wine, beer, and conversation on the porch with my two favorite moms.

* For the curious: Smoked, scampi, gravlox, pastrami, and moroccan.

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  1. Hah. Excluding the alcohol, I’m jealous. :p

  2. Sadly, if this were my Journal entry, it would start off with
    “Imagine, if you will:”
    and end with
    “You’ve just crossed over to The Twillight Zone!”
    It sounds like you had a great time:)

  3. holy crap what an awesome Mom’s day 😀

    1. Yeah, I thought I did pretty well, if I do say myself 😉

  4. Actually, there were supposed to be six varieties, the sixth being raw. Unfortunately, when they went to get the sixth type, they realised it had disappeared! Nothing remained in that bin but a little note saying “I’m sowwy”.

    burning for sushi now, thanks a lot pbbbbbbt!

    1. well get a load of that, a sushi-eating bat!

      1. you begin to see the likely fate of the salmon of neptune….

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