Attn: Goth Prom Attendees

Tonight will be my first night going to Nation. I figure I can get directions from the website, but I’m always nervous driving and parking in a new city, so to anyone who frequents Nation: what’s the parking situation? Is there on-street, and if so is it safe? Is there garage parking nearby, and if so where and how much does it cost? And is there anything else I should know?

Thanks! See ya’ll tonight!

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  1. Getting there is easy. 295 South to Howard and you’re there.

    Park on the street if you get there pretty early. Otherwise, Nation has their own paid parking you can use. It’s safer, they claim.

  2. You’re just like me in this regard. I always like to gather intelligence before I go somewhere I haven’t been to before.

  3. Driving and parking

    MD 295 south to I-295 south is the way I go. (But not tonight, I’m afraid.) Find the right exit, a few right turns, and you’re there! (Mapquest is a good thing.)

    Parking on the street is chancy. I’ve been able to get spots, but the streets are crowded.

    Carpooling is a good thing. If you come down I-83, you could pick me up on the way. (But not tonight — I’m not going tonight.) I’m right in Baltimore about 2 blocks from I-83.

    Getting out is tricky. For some reason, I end up on New York Ave, not back on I-295. But I eventually get home. It works.

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