Shopping Help Needed

OK, I need boots and I need them soon.

Requirements: mid-height, black leather, must be platforms, must incorporate buckles or straps of some kind.

Recommendations of brands welcome; recommendations of US-based online stores which carry them VERY welcome.

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  1. i have a pair of size 10 new rocks in great condition. thing is, i have another pair of size 10 new rocks i like a lot more….

    what size do you wear?

    1. Anywhere from 9 to 10, depending on the shoe. What do they look like?

      1. really tall boots, laces up the front, buckles on the side which are actually invisible velcro connectors so you don’t have to lace the boots every time you put them on. black is the dominant color, shiny metal plate thing on the heels. can’t find a picture online tho. i had been trying to sell them at one point but i’m not sure right now. but if you can’t find anything in person i’ll definitely consider it. they’ve been worn about 4-5 times.

        1. How thick is the sole? I have a skirt that I need some extra height in order to wear. Do they looks something like this: ?

          1. they look an awful lot like that 😉

            the elevation adds 1.5-2 inches.

          2. I’m definitely interested. Although there’s a good chance they’d be too big for me (do New Rocks run large or small in your experience?). I need to make a last-ditch attempt to find boots around here tonight or tomorrow, but I’m not getting my hopes up. How much might you be willing to part with them for, and would you be able to get them here within 2 weeks?

          3. i’d say they wear a solid size 10. not sure why but the sole needs a little glue to reattach. this might cost about $15 at a shoe repair place. (that’s actually why i haven’t worn them, i just never get around to doing that). They cost me $300 new and, with shipping, i could do $175 if you want em. i realize that’s a lot to spend on boots you’ve not seen in person but i can’t let them go for less….

          4. I went ahead and ordered a pair of Demionas; despite all the good things I’ve heard about New Rocks and the excellent deal, I just don’t have that kind of money to drop on shoes right now. Thanks for the offer though! If at some point I’m a bit more flush I may ping you to see if by chance you still have them and are still trying to get rid of them.


    They have an affordable and decent range of styles. I have bought my last 2 pairs of Ranger boots from them and I love them!

  3. my first answer to things like this is always ebay. its only when ebay fails me or i need something very specific and rare that i look elsewhere. also, maybe ask lostmessenger for better info

    1. Shoes are one item I prefer not to buy used – once they’ve been broken in to one person’s foot, they’ll never fully break in to mine. Also, if they don’t fit I won’t be able to return them to an Ebay seller.

      Plus I took a look around Ebay and found that the same shoes were cheaper retail than on Ebay. Oddly enough.

  4. Try eBay. Other than that, good luck!

  5. Ebay is fine for folks who can wait for a couple weeks to get a good bargain.
    Ebay doesn’t work for folks who want something in a couple days.

    I have bought from without problems, and received my New Rocks in 3 days from overseas.
    Are there no good stores in your area that carry good boots? Not even Hot Topic?

    1. Hot Topic has a pretty piss-poor selection here.

      It’s funny, I looked on Ebay a bit and saw the same shoes I was seeing on retail sites selling for more than retail.

      Will take a look at Cloggs, thanks.

    2. Hmmm… the New Rock 189s look nifty. I just wish I could figure out how high the soles are.

      See, I have this skirt that I need platforms in order to wear…

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