I guess I should write about our trip. I wanted to include photos, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to uploading them. So I’ll just post some random observations.

I can’t express how nice it was to be driving through the mountains again. It had been too long. My only regret is not being able to stop and spend a couple of days on a mountain. I dream of someday owning a house on the side of a mountain, where I can watch the mist rise off the valley every morning.

Some of those roads are scary. I learned how to use the “3” and “2” positions on my automatic shift lever.

Red Bull is some nasty shit. I don’t understand how people go through can after can of that stuff. I can understand how it works though – having carbonated cough syrup with the bouquet of a fresh fart hit one’s mouth would startle anyone into wakefullness.

We saw wind turbines. Good golly those things are big.

Holly, the new pooch, is a doll. I’m getting the idea, though, that all greyhounds have identical mannerisms. If it weren’t for her color and the fact that she’s huge, I’d think Canute were back from the dead. She’s lacking in direction too. Literally. She walks in zigzags and circles, given the chance. She’s a rascal too. She’s already begun making off witht the cat’s toys when nobody’s looking.

bookwyrm is every bit as fun to banter with offline as on. It was great to get to see her, I just wish we had had more time to hang out. If you were nervous, you hid it well. You didn’t come across as shy, just composed. Thanks for not physically assaulting me for my dislike of Harry Potter (or were you just holding back because avivahg was there?)

I don’t like hamburgers. I wish I could remember this fact. Every once in awhile I get a craving for one, remembering how I used to enjoy them in my childhood. And stupidly, I eat one, and discover before I’m half through that I really don’t like them anymore. The burger I had at the Jean Bonnet Tavern was as good a an example of burger-craft as you could hope to find – a huge, juicy, tender slab of black angus, melted swiss, fried mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced red onions, a hearty bun. And frankly, I enjoyed the cole slaw more than the burger. I mean just listen to that “a huge, juicy, tender slab of black angus” – yech! I become less carnivorous by the week.

Listening to large quantities of Micheal Pritzl’s music makes me want to go to church. I know I’d be dissapointed though.

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  1. I have that hamburger problem too! I’m a vegetarian, yet every once in awhile, I suddenly think a hamburger sounds good (steak never sounds good… I detest it!) So, I go order a mushroom and swiss burger or grilled onions and cheddar…… and I take a big bite, and I suddenly realize that I have meat in my mouth and that it has the consistency and taste of meat! And I feel sick. Then I’m cured until 8 months later, when suddenly, a hamburger sounds good again and I do the whole thing over!

    1. This happens to me with steak. I crave steak every now and again and go through the same thing. Only, so far, I haven’t regretted eating the thing, I just am cured of my craving for the next however long. It’s been since February (Avdi’s mom’s b-day) last I had steak.

      On our trip I had a smidge of pork, but the Chinese place didn’t make veggie rolls, and the wonton soup, of course, had pork. And then at Cracker Barrell there’s bits of sausage in the gravy that I had on my biscuits. (I am such a southerner!) Most often I’m a vegetarian, occasionally a “pesky terran.”

      …makes planning meals for us easy, don’t it?

      1. Ya’ll are making me hunger for another ribeye steak on the grill tonight…

        1. Dammit, Scott! Have I not imparted any sense of Southern Decorum to you yet?

          “Ya’ll” is not a word, for the love of all that is good and right in this world!

          The proper frigging spelling is “y’all.” y – apostrophe – a – l – l.

          *grumble grumble grumble*

          1. if i could interject here…

            i’ve always said and spelled y’al

            the YEH is rather short and the ALL is longer and more together
            but then again, it would make sense with your spelling as well.
            is the spelling and pronunciation specific to local dialects??
            (i mean, i assume so…)

  2. “Red Bull is some nasty shit. I don’t understand how people go through can after can of that stuff. I can understand how it works though – having carbonated cough syrup with the bouquet of a fresh fart hit one’s mouth would startle anyone into wakefullness.”

    Oh come on, it isn’t that bad. Mix it with a little Raspberry Stoli. And do your farts really smell like Red Bull? I’m impressed, you can fart around me any day….

    1. Oh dear god! Avdi opened his Red Bull in the car. Shortly thereafter we stopped somewhere leaving the opened Red Bull inside the car. When we got back into the car we both looked suspiciously at each other and one of us said, “It smells like someone farted in here.” We then looked suspiciously at the can of Red Bull. Avdi took a whiff, I took a whiff, we both agreed that’s some nasty shit!

      Much prefer (in order): Amp, and Sobe Adrenaline Rush. Which, btw, is not to imply that I necessarily like either one, just prefer them to Red Bull.

      1. I wonder if Red Bull can go skunky? You know, like beer that has been warmed and cooled a few too many times. Maybe you had a skunky bull

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