Weekend Plans

Tonight: barring unexpected conflicts, seeing Hidalgo with avivahg and shadowandlight.

Saturday: Shopping in Harrisburg, then a free They Might Be Giants show at the Maryland Science Center, followed by Taboo.

Sunday: Possibly hiking, then fun times at Kommemncement. This will be my first time seeing skunque spin since Nevermore shut down. Yay!

Monday: Strangely enough, I don’t have any plans for Memorial Day. Although I expect I’ll be preparing for our trip to Madison. If anyone wants to see us, that might be a good day…

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  1. Always good to be let in on what I’m going to be doing tonight. :-p

    1. You were out at an interview when I made the plans, goofus!

  2. yay they might be giants! look for someone in a pink skirt and possible pigtails, that’s me:)

    1. We’re meeting , and presumably others, at the corner of Light&Pratt around 6…

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