There’s Always Something…

I was just starting to see my way out of the financial hole we’ve been in for the past few years… then I took my car to the shop.

The catalytic converter needs replacement: $800
A rear wheel bearing is bad: $320

Both are required to pass inspection, which is overdue. I don’t even have enough credit left to cover everything.

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  1. Isn’t that just the way it always happens? ~sigh~
    May you see brighter days at some point – and not get a sunburn as a result 😉

  2. Sheesh! So, what are we going to do? I can hand over my paychecks from this job to help pay for it…

  3. you should move here, we’ll pull our money together and maybe that way we can afford atleast one driveable car between us all! (I hate cars!)
    … or maybe we should buy a horse….

  4. the cataclysmic converter, i c, it’s always expensive as hell tho 800$ seems a lil high, go to another shop and see what they say first?

    i keep thinking motorcycle. better gas mileage, etc.

  5. take it through inspection as it is
    from the time it fails inspection you have something like 3 months to get things fixed and have it pass inspection.
    then get things fixed as you have the time and money.

  6. Go to Ehrharts Auto Repair in Red Lion, 244-1320, at Boxwood and 74, tell Kurt or JR that Judy Frazier sent you and get everything done, and done well for half of that estimate, anyway. Knowing these guys has changed many lives, believe me. They do excellent work at the very best prices. And they cook.

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