Happy Birthday to Me

24 years ago today I emerged from a hole cut in my mom’s stomach and, so the story goes, immediately began picking up medical implements, the doctor’s pens, and anything else within reach with both hands and feet.

So far, for my birthday I have received:
Bookmarks, as requested, from my dad
$30 from my grandmother
The Ohio double-album from Over the Rhine, from avivahg
The Art of War by Sun Tzu, from avivahg
Henry and June by Anais Nin, from avivahg
On Behaviorism by B. F. Skinner, from avivahg
Gattaca, from avivahg
The Meaning of Life, a two-disc edition with gobs of extras, from avivahg
And one bad-ass cold, from a benefactor unknown (but probably also the ever-generous avivahg). Chest congestion, sinus trouble, sore throat, laryngitis, stuffy nose, watery eyes, the works. Blech.

It’s probably karmic retribution. I managed to screw up at least three people’s evenings last night through irresponsibility and obliviousness. Hmmm, I can think of a possible 4th as well. Alright, universe, I got what I deserved.

Happy birthday also to psycheague – I hope you have a terrific time at Hersheypark!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    and please know it was a great pleasure to see you both last night, regardless.

    rest up, enjoy your birthday and your gifties, and revel in the knowledge that you get another chance to celebrate your bday this weekend! 🙂

    1. Re: Happy Birthday!

      Oh gosh! I read “bday” as “baby,” and thought, “Why would Avdi be enjoying his baby this weekend? He doesn’t have one.”

  2. happy bday!! i hope ur not including me on ur list of evenings made ick last night cuz u didn’t.

    rest up, lots of vitamin C, juice, and rest!


    Which version of the Art of War did she get you?

    1. I’m sure I screwed up and got a bad one.

      1. Well, I own several different versions myself. I don’t know that any one of them is “bad”.

  4. Happy Birthday Avdi!
    I was away from a computer all weekend and just got home.
    It’s still technically your birthday for about 45 minutes here on the west coast!

  5. Happy Birfday!

    *throws bat-shaped confetti in the finest tradition*

  6. So your actual birthday is the fifth. So is Ben’s. And I’ll guess I’ll bring your present over soetime soon then since I can’t come to your party. I got 30$ from one of my grandmother’s to(for my birtday). The other one gave me 25.
    That Avivah person must relaly like you to be giving you all those gifts.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!

    May the sun show you your path and the wind be at your back.

    I hope you enjoy the Microbrewfest(wish I could join you hehe)

  8. Thanks, sweetie! I really did have a good time. :c)

    1. PS : I hope your birthday was super-fun, too!

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