Happiness is a Warm Chaingun

So the plan was this: over the summer, as various expenses lessened or disapeared, I’d get a raise, avivahg would work, and we’d dig our way out of the hole we’ve been in. The reality: we’re in worse shape than ever, and soon the kids will be home, nullifying any decrease in our monthly expenses. So. Another year of putting off plans and purchases that have been on-hold for years. Another year of barely scraping by month-to-month, knowing that there is no safety net should the unexpected crop up. Another year of fighting over a single aging computer, hoping it doesn’t die and take our data with it. Another year of trying to make clothes, cars, and furniture last long after they’ve worn out. Another year I use my birthday money to pay the bills.

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  1. i know exactly what you mean…

    if i could assert a somewhat drastic and horrible measure (one that i myself am implementing within the next month…)
    perhaps consider getting a 2nd job.

    they suck and while you have it, your life sucks…(if you continue to try and maintain a life) however, it does help with the financial strain and i highly recommend beginning to take a really really really good daily multi-vitamin about 2 weeks before you start working and for the duration of the 2nd job, otherwise you are the walking dead.
    (this is if you are not taking one already.)

    its just a simple suggestion from another blue collar sucker stuck in the wheel.

  2. i always use birfday money to pay bills or eat with, if i eat that is.

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