Another Day

Got my 5-year pin today. Also cake, but that wasn’t for me, it was for a guy that’s been here 38 years(!). Oh well, I can pretend.

For someone who overslept until 9:30, I’m awfully sleepy today.

I need sex.

Well, OK. I want sex. I needa 15-inch Powerbook. Must keep our priorities straight.

I made the switch to kernel 2.6 last night. Very straightforward. Even the udev package, which warned me that I would need to customize it if I wanted to keep using my devfs /dev naming scheme, apparently went ahead and symlinked the correct files into /etc/udev/rules.d. I love Debian.

Don’t give me that look. /dev/sdbxyzz1c1r5q7 is a stupid way to label devices no matter what planet you come from.

I compiled my own mldonkey with support for direct-connect, opennap, and a few others and told the mldonkey startup script to use it in place of the stock debian executable. After using it for awhile, though, I still don’t understand what the big deal about file-sharing over p2p networks is. If the average download speed is less than 1k/s; if a client can search for hours without successfully connecting to a peer; if downloads are constantly halted; if it takes a week to download a movie – how can this possibly be a threat to the entertainment industry? I’d rather just go out and buy the damn song or movie.

So I see the FMA bit the dust. That comes as no surprise. Still, yay! Definitely one of the dumber ideas to come from conservatives recently. What were they thinking?

I’m not particularly psyched about going out this weekend, so unless that changes, maybe I’ll give it a miss. Having worked off a lot of pent-up need for socialization over the last few months, I’m feeling better about being a homebody again.

I want to go to a play. Any suggestions? Something cheap…

Guess it’s time to start looking for a therapist. I think this lightbulb finally wants to change.

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  1. Well, OK. I want sex. I needa 15-inch Powerbook. Must keep our priorities straight

    very true and i am in the same boat, but, i don’t really want sex, but still need and want the 15 inch powerbook, actually, i think i want and need the 20″ one instead >:)

  2. So it takes 38 years to get a cake at your organization. That’s crazy.
    The York little theatre can be cheap, depending on what play you go to see. There’s also dreamwirghts, although I have no idea what their tickets cost.

    1. Or you could go see a Midsummer nights dream for free at Gifford Pinchot state park. Dreamwrights is putting it on at three different places for free this weekend. The first is Gifford Pinchot, the other two are in the weekend section of the paper, and they all show at 6:30. Just thought you might want to know.

  3. Wow. geek talk. I am appropriately lost.

    But therapist? Maybe it is just my testosterone talking, as in “I don’t need directions, I’m not lost!” But the therapist thing seems like a huge rip-off scheme to me, and way cliche.

    But, if you feel like you might benefit….

  4. Wow. You’ve totally out-geeked me. I spent my evening switching from syslog to syslog-ng so that I could have better control over my netfilter logs, and I thought that was pretty geeky. But I’ve been well and truly put in my place 🙂

  5. Therapy can be a very good thing. I’m in favor. Just make sure you get a good one. I would define that as someone who wants to help you be yourself, rather than change who you really are. Good luck! (no, that’s not sarcasm.)

  6. Bah, all you need is bittorrent…

    Well, bittorrent and websites like .
    Try them out and enjoy!

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