Game Night

Anyone reading this is invited to our house at 8:00 tonight to play Kill Doctor Lucky, and any other games we feel like playing. Followed, if time permits, by a viewing of Pitch Black.

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  1. Ethan wants to go see AvP tonight. . .maybe I’ll come play with you instead.

  2. oh, i wish i could… i love Kill Doctor Lucky.

  3. sadly distance and exhaustion would pretty much have to keep me from considering it – but i know you guys will have a great time. 🙂

  4. I don’t have Kill Doctor Lucky. But I have Save Doctor Lucky….

    1. ya big softie. It’s all about the killin’!

      1. yeah, but this is a prequel set on the Titanic. First you have to SAVE him so you can KILL him later!

  5. Uhm… Avdi? Did you mean to invite everyone? I mean ‘s nowhere near us, nor is who’s in CO. How would many of these people make it here by 8 tonight?


  6. I love that movie.

  7. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend I was previously enganged but it would have been a hoot.

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