Tuesday Update

I had a splendid time last weekend at Sonar and Elektroschock. It was good to be “back”. Got to schmooze with and hug many, many fine people I’ve missed – too many to reliably recall right now. Not to mention a few new faces which I look forward to seeing again.

Also had a good time at darkpool‘s “just for the heck of it” party. Even played a little basketball. Luckily no one had the presence of mind to take incriminating photos.

Sunday afternoon I flipped out over constantly-changing plans and behaved rather irresponsibly. I took a sudden unplanned walk, leaving avivahg and our three guests to go to gunpowder falls without me. It was terribly rude, not to mention inconsiderate. I went to the park and lay on the grass and felt the wind in my hair and looked up at the sky and tried to regain some balance. I realized that despite all my attempts to deflect the blame, my aggravation stemmed entirely from within: I had simply been around people constantly for too long, and it was driving me nuts. Hence the posts about being antisocial.

After an upgrade last night my PC won’t boot. I don’t know why. It’s behaving like it can’t read from the main drive, but the drive comes up fine when I boot with a Knoppix LiveCD. Wierdness. Anyway, if you don’t hear much from me, and nothing at all from avivahg, that’s why.

Today ashanden flies back to Madison. I’ve enjoyed his visit; I hope we didn’t bore him too badly. We get one precious night of us-time tonight before the kids come home tomorrow night.

I feel bad because I haven’t gotten the kids anything nice as a coming-home present. I realize I don’t need to, but I wanted to. Maybe I’ll run by the store tonight.

And now I’m worried, because avivahg and ashanden left over an hour and a half ago for what should have been a 45-minute drive to my place of work (she’s picking up my car for the rest of the trip to the airport). I won’t be able to eat or concentrate until I hear from her and that nervous twist in my gut is relieved.

UPDATE: Turns out she stopped by while I was away from my desk. I wonder if she didn’t realize she could page me?

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  1. at least you know now she’s ok 🙂

  2. it was really good to see u again and get my hugs.

    everybody has limits to the amount of time they can go without “me” time. i know mine is very limited, hence me not wanting a roommate when i move out again unless it is an S/O. i can handle long periods with small groups…but…*shrugs* it happens babe.

  3. Today flies back to Madison. I’ve enjoyed his visit; I hope we didn’t bore him too badly. We get one precious night of us-time tonight before the kids come home tomorrow night.

    Do you realize how oddly placed these two sentences are?

    So, am I to assume you and Jeremy get only one precious night of “us-time” before the kids come home? *poke-tease-wink*

  4. Oh, yeah. And as mentioned on the phone, no she didn’t realize she could page you because she’s never been able to in the past.

    Thanks for the update. Both about the paging and about the [my] being okay. 🙂

    Love you!

  5. nope, wasn’t bored was relaxing, i got alot of good reading done and had fun with all the peeps around and what not, no worries from me about sunday…sometimes people just need their alone time, eh, but the falls was really good. and i want copies of whatever pics were taken of scenery or of me too, heheeh, enjoy your paranoia, and much much thanks…and i really hope that i didn’t screwe up the comp somehow, real really hope…

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