Monday Update

Fixed the computer. Nothing was broken beyond it refusing to boot; but I had to reinstall anyway. I just wasn’t geek enough to fix it any other way. Took half the weekend getting everything reinstalled and configured. Thank $DIETY for Debian; I don’t know of any other distro (or OS, for that matter) in which you can install any ole’ version you have lying around, change a few lines in configuration files, type two commands, and have the very latest bleeding-edge version of the OS installed in a few hours. Most of the time was spent grabbing various apps that we had had installed. Again, much eased by Debian and APT.

Went to the MD Renn Faire with The Lady, the kids, and my mom on Sunday. And there was much rejoicing. Saw chibitig1, dreamtigress, vree, and greenprincess. Watched our favorite act, A Fool Called “O”, and various other shows. avivahg was looking good enough to eat in a bellydance costume, later enhanced with a jingly scarf I bought her. At one point there were bellydancers dancing in front of a band at one of the taverns, and I tried to get her to dance with them. She was too bashful, but I managed to maneuver her to within a few feet of the dance floor and, as I had hoped, one of the dancers spied her and beckoned her onto the floor. What I didn’t expect was when the other dancer came and grabbed me a moment later. And that’s how I found myself dancing like an idiot, first with her, and then sandwiched between her and avivahg, in front of a crowd onlookers to medievel music. Needless to say, I had fun…

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  1. lay low

    that ren faire stuff sounds awesome.
    the dancing..

    i bet you look pretty good in costume, too.


  2. So dance

    and hop! and skip!

    I’m going to the Rennfaire myself. It’ll probably be the Sunday AFTER labor day. (Yes, I am going to get off work thanks to a nice other waitress!)

  3. (points at Avdi and laughs)
    (until he sees the sandwich that Avdi is enjoying…)

    damn! How does he do that?


  4. Aww, I missed you! I was there guarding his Majesty.

  5. What was your costume?

    1. I’d post pictures, but I don’t think the camera was ever out of my own hands… pretty simple, a white poet shirt with a maroon rennaisance vesty-thing that laces up the sides and front.

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