For No Particular Reason…

…I just thought I’d say I love my wife, and I love my family.

Last night avivahg made yummy pasghetti, shadowandlight came over, and we did our best to kill each other in Halo. Then I read everyone a bedtime story. I was giong to just send the kids to bed due to the lateness of the hour, but they wouldn’t hear of it. Later on, when shadowandlight had gone home and the kids were in bed (Lily with her treasured Elektroschock v3 CD to lull her to sleep), I snuggled up next to my sleeping wife, and thought as I do every night about how wonderful it is to feel her next to me at night. I love her so much.

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  1. awww that was so nice 🙂

    I was thinking the same think about my man while we were both reading in bed last night.

  2. aaww!! *hugs you both*


    DAH! there is no E in kawaii!! 😛

    but yes, that was very cute avdi. yay for u! hehe, electro cd lulling munchkin to sleep. i like ur daughter.

  4. *scrunches face up kitty-like in happiness*

  5. well that’s all cute & all…

    (Lily with her treasured Elektroschock v3 CD to lull her to sleep)

    that’s what made me do the extra little “awwwwww….!”

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