I often wonder:

Dead-set, as I am, on leading a fully-reallized life, why do I spend such a huge amount of my time avoiding constructive thought and action? What am I so afraid of?

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  1. Then again, is a fully-realized life actually defined by spending huge amounts of time being constructive?

    1. in a related note

      my question for avdi would be about how he is defining “productive”?

    2. Not necessarily. But there’s a difference between sincerely enjoying slack, and simply avoiding life. I do too much of the latter.

  2. Generally speaking, I would say you avoid constructive thought and action because there is some underlying issue that prevents you from taking action. I do the exact same thing. Unfortunately I am self-aware enough to know exactly what I am afraid of, yet still have no power whatsoever to change it. Perhaps you are not afraid of any one thing. It could be the product of many issues.

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