Last night was fun. Went to Ascension with darkpool. avivahg was going to go but she didn’t feel well. Didn’t feel as huggy as I had earlier in the day. Somehow I think not having avivahg around makes me more standoffish. Or maybe it was just my mood. Standoffishness notwithstanding, I enjoyed dancing to people and talking to music.
__batgirl__ good job retreving what was yours. Hope the arm feels better.
paulv70 it was good to see you. One of these days we’ll get a chance to really talk…
netherswandust sorry for the perfunctory hugs, and that I didn’t talk to you more. I was trying to split my time between too many people…
ratspy, good to see you. There’s nothing wrong with being excessively organized; you can always get rich selling your methods to business executives.
chibitig1 you’re right, Orpheus drinks wouldn’t get an Amish gnat drunk.
clockwerks, nice job!

It was great to see CB and Tracy.

There was one awkward moment, speaking to someone I’d met before but don’t know well about getting a degree:
Her (paraphrased): Well, the tech sector is in a downturn.
Me: It depends on where you are. Defense contracting is doing great!
Her: …
Her: I could never do that.

Heh. I explained that I work on air-traffic control systems; I’m not sure she was convinced.

Also, one annoyance: The old custom of making introductions is in severe decline these days (ratspy, you are a conspicous exception). Call me old-fashioned, but if you include me in extended conversation with a third party or parties, I’d appreciate being introduced. Particularly if you know I don’t know them. If you’re not sure, a quick “Avdi, do you know ____?” can’t hurt. It goes a long way towards making me feel more comfortable. I’m not upset or anything, this is just FYI. I’ve been guilty of failing to make introductions myself on more than one occasion.

Today: Sleepy. Also craving hugs&cuddles. Also horny. I find these three often go together.

This weekend: No plans except Kommencement Sunday night. Definitely need to get outside this weekend. Maybe go to Samuel Lewis park to climb rocks and fly my kite tomorrow? Who’s with me?

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  1. The old custom of making introductions is in severe decline these days

    yeah, it is… and sometimes i offend with that, but most of the time people are looking at me like “yeah, i know so-and-so…” so i get off with being offensive in the other direction as well…

  2. Sameul Lewis park is pretty, kites are pretty.

  3. very much doubt i will be doing kommencement, but i hope you both have a wonderful time and a wonderful weekend overall 🙂

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