Renn Faire Redux

We (the Lady and I) would like to get to the MD Renn Faire at least once more this season. If possible we’d like to find a sitter for the munchkins and stay late. I want to plan it well in advance, because I think it would be cool to meet up with as many friends as possible. I’m tentatively eyeing the Oktoberfest weekend (October 2nd or 3rd). Would anyone be interested in joining us one of those days, or does anyone have a different date you were already planning on going?

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  1. Oktoberfest is the 2nd and 3rd, and Peter and I are going on the 3rd 🙂 We’ll see you there! He’ll be the freakish Scottsman, and i’ll be the lovely lady in a green peasenty getup… Lol… hooray for mead! *excited!*

  2. Surprize, surprize, we don’t have plans for that weekend.

    I’m certain my dragon could be convinced to go one of those days 😉

  3. i am pretty sure, that being the first weekend of the month, i have drill. blah.

  4. Sunday preferred

    The Lady much prefers the Sunday date so as to rest (at home) on her designated Sabbath.

  5. me too!

    I’d love to go with you guys, I believe on the 2nd is Carolyn’s party so sunday works best for me as well 🙂

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