I Suppose that is the Price of Falling

For the first time in many years, I again have a sukah in my back yard.   I feel good about that.  My hands ache in that comfortable “I’ve been working” way.  Many thanks to  predestinedsoul and darkpool for their help and for the lumber.  Pictures will be forthcoming if my new monitor ever arrives.

One last time:  We will be at the MD Renn Faire Sunday, October 3rd (that’s this Sunday).   Come revel with us!  We still need to line up a sitter for that day… shadowandlight, did you get a chance to talk to your parents?

I was supposed to arrange a meeting with the Sparky & Clarks lady tomorrow.  But I’m really not feeling so good about this coffee house business…  it seems like a great opportunity, but at a very bad time.  I feel stretched too thin as it is.  I’m not the sort of person who is likes to have all of his time filled with activity.  I need a substantial amount of slack in my life to feel fulfilled.  Running a coffee house strikes me as a slack-sink.  Not to mention a cash-sink, and a source of stress.

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  1. sukahs are rather beautiful in my opinion 😀

    So is this the last day of Ren Faire perchance?

  2. Yes…Darkpool was sharing about the Sukuh with me….

    Maybe your Feast of Tabernacles/Booths be joyest time of remembrance of all that God has done for you, your people and the world entire! (I believe that is the holiday for which one builds a Sukah…am i correct?)

  3. Didn’t Jay tell you that Allie will babysit? I told him to tell you and he promised to pass the message along. Aynways, I’m coming to revel with you. Will you have room in your car so that I can go or can I foloow you down? What time are you leaving?

    1. Allie told me she would babysit, but I’ve been trying to arrange so that she can go with us. I may yet call upon her. Whether you need to drive depends on whether Allie goes with us; but even if she doesn’t, it will be cramped because I believe Jay wants to bring another friend. So a second car might be a good idea regardless.

    2. As for time of departure: ~11:00AM sounds good to me. I plan on staying late, so I’m not trying to get there early.

    3. am jealous that i can not join you all at the ren-faire…

      Avdi…do me a favor….

      “take a few pictures of Kyra for me…” 🙂

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