You’ve got to breathe your breath in me

The Renn Faire yesterday was fun, once we finally got there and consumed a few beers.  The preparations and drive were… stressful.  What should have been a 2-hour trip took 4 hours, half of it spent in stop-and-go traffic on the last couple miles before the Faire.  It was also more crowded than I’ve ever seen.  Lesson learned:  always go early, and never go during Oktoberfest weekend. 

We didn’t see any of the people we had hoped to see there, with the exception of dreamtigress.  Where was everyone? 

Another lesson learned:  tens of thousands of people suddenly together in a normally sparsely populated area does not make cell-phone networks happy.

Today’s weekly gloom comes in the form of a mild dejection about potential squandered and opportunities missed. 

“Everybody’s story is more interesting than mine…” – Linford Detweiler

I’ve told you all my stories, you know.  It didn’t take long.  Now I want someone new to listen and tell me they are interesting. Interest is my drug of choice.  Street prices are up though, and I’ve little to trade – I stopped writing stories before I evern began.  Others penned me and now I am last year’s bestseller, bright-red “50% Off” sticker on my flimsy spine.  I feel like I am already over, and I don’t even know what kind of story I wanted to be. 

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  1. pictures, pictures, pictures….did you take any pictures???

    1. Yeah. What’ll you give me for them? 😛

      1. a back-rub when i finally meet you in person…


        (I am known for giving some really good back-rubs…..they don’t call me “Saj” for nothing!)

  2. Aw, don’t worry. Everyone feels that way at your age. That’s an annoying comment, no?

  3. You know most people don’t get a chance to do what they really want to do with their lives until they retire. Your best years are still ahead of you. Assuming you exercise both mind and body regularly, other wise you just end up in a nursing home drooling and geting your diaper changed by someone you’re mind is to foggy to remember.

  4. note to self: not oktoberfest weekend

    I was there but the crowds were so bad I wasn’t able to find you guys. I was there from I think 2:30 – sometime after 4. We were stuck in traffic 2 hours what should have been 20 minutes. This is exactly why I need my F-350 with V8 powerstroke turbo diesel and 8 foot bed with front plow attachment. I’ll have to come up and harass you guys personally sometime 🙂 oops can’t say harass anymore because it’s two words

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