So I opened up the gigantic box that arrived at our house yesterday with something like glee, and eagerly plugged in my monstrous new (well, refurbished) 21″ IBM/Sony Trinitron monitor.  It works, and the picture is flawless!  Only one teensy little problem… contrary to the advertisement, the P202 doesn’t support 1600×1200@85Hz.  Which is only the capability I bought the freakin’ monitor for!!!  Some people apparently don’t notice slow refresh rates, but for me, anything under 85hz gives me a headache within minutes.  And there’s no point having a 21″ monitor running at less than 1600×1200 – I’d have bought an even higher-res model if I could have afforded it.  So the primary requirement – that it not give me a headache – is not met.  Some might say that this serves me right for buying from eBay, but the “legitimate” stores I found on were all telling much more obvious fibs.

I sent the seller a nastygram, asking for a replacement.  I don’t have high hopes. 

An unrelated note:  the medical professionals who say that alcohol impairs sexual function are full of crap.

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  1. “An unrelated note: the medical professionals who say that alcohol impairs sexual function are full of crap.”

    depends. age and amount of alcohol consumed will cause your mileage to vary greatly…

    1. I agree…

      anywhere betwen 0-9 shots of tequila is all good for me.. in fact, probably a help..

      after that, and impairement starts to rear its boring head…

      1. Re: I agree…

        Ah… see, for me, 9 shots of tequila is scarily over my limit. Last night after two beers, one of them a high alcohol (9% AbV) IPA, I was quite happily drunk. So maybe I’ve just never even approached the levels of alcohol intake that impair functionality…

  2. Oh dear goodness. *twitters*

  3. Go flat panel. I had the same problems…friggin flicker gives me a migraine.
    Flat panels don’t have flicker.

    Medical wannabees like me say you’re probably under 30 aren’t you?
    That adult onset second bout with puberty does some seriously messed up stuff.
    …and it will happen.

    1. Yep. He’s 24. But is the alcohol-induced sexual impairment true for men over 30 and not women? I’m … well, a woman *glances at chest and crotch*, and over 30 and alcohol seems to help.

      Or maybe it’s reverse for women?

      1. Impairment…or enhancement isn’t a given (I hope) for men or women.
        But over 30 and the body starts to rebel.
        Sometimes I can be bored silly but my bod wants to party.
        Sometimes I can be way turned on and my bod thinks it’s nap time.

        I see where you’re going though. The question is really how much alcohol.

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