Monitor Update

So it turns out this monitor does support 1600×1200@85hz, but for some reason the proprietary NVIDIA driver won’t support that mode. The open-source driver, nv, supports it without problems. Unfortunately that means I get to choose between adequate video performance, and a non-headache-inducing refresh rate. Gah…

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    i’ve had nothing but problems with my resolution on my LCD at home (19″ envision).

    BAH. nothing looks right anymore. i’m about to roll back all my drivers & go linux myself.

    1. But… LCDs only support a single resolution (without scaling) right?

      1. LCD

        no. actually, besides coming WAY down in price (decent 19″ viewable generic = ~$350), LCDs can now perform any task or scale as a CRT. we use them here at work for multi-screen engineering views, etc.

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