Tonight’s Elektroschock. Stacey’s already dressed. She looks great.

I’m having a hard time believing anyone would miss me if I didn’t go tonight.

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  1. I miss you every Thursday you’re not sitting at my poker table. . .

    1. Poker frightens me. Isn’t that a grown-up game?

      1. Don’t worry, as my dad continually reminds us, we don’t play “grown-up poker.”

  2. I guess there’s no way for me to see you at elektroschock when I don’t attend 😛 yet when I am there, I am happy to see you if you are there, so hopefully I can make it to the one in November and if you are there also, it will be great to see you and I can buy a round of ice cold V8 if alcohol is still not your friend at that point. I find V8 to be a fairly invigorating and dependable nonalcoholic club drink that no bartender can bolish too badly, being a drink of only one prepackaged substance . . .

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