Grouchy Morning Thoughts

Last night was basically a waste. I finally figured out that what I wanted was to just sit and talk to someone. Elektroschock isn’t really conducive to that sort of thing.

Alcohol is not my friend anymore. I started with a long island iced tea, and it might as well have been Nestea. I asked the bartender what one drinks when a long island doesn’t work. She was at a loss. I settled on a martini, which also failed to have any discernable effect.

Oh yes, the martini. Listen up, youngsters: A classic martini consists of gin and a little dry vermouth, garnished with an olive or two. That’s gin, as in a spirit made from the distillation of white grain spirit and juniper berries. If I want a vodka martini, I will ask for a frigging vodka martini. And if I want a glass of gin, I will ask for that too. None of this “show the gin a bottle of vermouth” business. What’s the world coming to when bartenders can’t be relied upon to make a martini without assistance?

Wine is now my enemy. Two glasses Friday night and I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 11PM. Then I slept for 10 hours, which I assure you I didn’t need. I hate the way I feel when I get too much sleep. I’m laying off wine for awhile. I prefer to be awake for my innebriation, thank you very much.

Today: hiking, if we can fit it in after the Lad’s soccer game. I’ll be happy when soccer season’s over. Of course, by then it will be too late in the year for many of the weekend outings that soccer interferes with. Grr.

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  1. Agreed on the soccer business. I go through this inner struggle every year. I know soccer’s good for him, and with each passing year I see its positive effect on him. But also, the freaking soccer practice (mid-day Saturday) and the games (mid-day Sunday) seriously interfere with things we’d much rather do as a family. Like hiking, and if I’m prepared throw in a picnic.

    Sadly, soccer season will be over the first or second week of November and by then, yes, too cold for hiking. Unless we insist on braving it. OTOH, we have been known to take the kids out for a hike in the snow. With a picnic. (Let’s do that again!)

    We’ll have to do some serious soul searching before next year’s soccer season to determine if we’ll put the Boy back in for another season of nice-weather-weekend-dulldrums.

    It’s going on 3:40 PM andI know we have plenty on our plates for the remainder of the day. I hope we can manage at least a short hike.

  2. I am glad you guys made it out and sorry they disappointed martini-wise

    btw it is a bit easier to talk once the elektro area is filling up if you go downstairs to the other level (if you feel comfy doing so)

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