More Grouching

If this doesn’t draw a few comments, nothing will..

Having read a tiny bit about the man and his work, can anyone tell my why I should shed a single tear for this Jacques Derrida character?

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  1. Bah!!!

    Screw him! he was one of those ideological post-modernists that never really produced anything constructive.. all he did is tear stuff down and when people disagreed with him–he claimed that they were being controlled by patriarchal narrative structures blah blah blah…

    good riddance..

    (spoken from a grad student who didn’t actually have to read derrida, but who had to read some of his disciples

  2. Poop

    Never heard of the wank before (as far as I can remember) but after grazing around gathering info on him after reading your post I know that my life is as unphazed by his croaking as it was by his time spent producing CO2 for the plants. Ran into his type constantly in the Art Schools I attended. Assholes to a man.

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